Genesia Williams, Owner & Principal
Genesia Williams is a creative social change leader. As the owner and principal of Genesia Doing Things - a design and strategy firm focused on solutions for nonprofits, small businesses, artists and individuals –Genesia's approach reflects the resilience she learned from her community. 
Genesia is from the South Side of Chicago, 4th generation and a grand-child of the Great Migration. Firmly rooted in the history, culture, and Black-centered identity given to her from her hometown, she carries this perspective forward in her Twin Cities based communications work. Also informing her works is years of grappling with systemic poverty.  Though systems hurl monumental injustices at marginalized communities, Genesia knows that her friends, family, and neighbors are full of drive, hope, dreams, ambitions and ideas that have the power to shake the world. She is shaped by their struggles, their love, and their wisdom. 
Genesia is a writer, designer, village member, auntie and aspiring elder who uses her work to help people on the journey to own their narratives and claim their power. 
Looking for more? Read Genesia's application for the Bush Fellowship 
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